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Wooden fencing wonders: The top 3 benefits of wood fences

Wooden fencing remains a top choice throughout Australia and for good reason. Why is that? Let’s delve into the top 3 advantages of wood fencing, helping you to determine whether a timber fence aligns with your needs.

  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Budget friendly
  • Timeless style

Learn all the essentials to equip you with the knowledge necessary for making an informed decision.

Wooden fencing is an easy material to maintain and install

Whether you're embarking on a new property adventure or revitalising an existing fence, the appeal of wood fencing lies in its straightforward installation process. While many Aussies prefer to enlist the expertise of a fencing business to tackle the task, those with a knack for DIY projects can find support in our comprehensive guide on building a timber fence.

When it comes to maintenance and repair, the most common issue you'll encounter is the occasional need to replace a paling. Fortunately, you can easily tackle this job with a replacement paling from our diverse range of fence palings and a few well-placed nails.

In comparison to alternative materials such as PVC or steel/aluminium, wood fencing has more cost-effective repair options. While other materials may require entire sections to be replaced, skyrocketing repair costs, wood fencing typically needs only minor interventions - keeping your maintenance costs at bay.

Lapped and capped pine paling wood fence in australian backyard. bushes slightly obscuring view of fence

Wood fencing is the cost-effective solution you’re looking for

Wooden fencing poses a significant advantage over man-made materials such as steel or aluminium. Unlike manufactured alternatives, timber fence palings require minimal processing—they simply need to be cut into shape and treated to resist pests, rot, and decay. In contrast, the production of man-made products involves a more intricate and resource-intensive process which results in higher energy consumption and often larger upfront costs.

Simplicity in production translates to wooden fences being the optimal choice for upfront affordability. To ramp up the budget friendly aspect a notch, you can opt for cost-effective fencing materials like pine.

After the upfront costs, the benefits extend into the long-term picture as timber fences offer substantial savings in repair costs throughout their lifespan. Unlike their counterparts, which may need extensive replacements or repairs, wooden fences typically require minimal interventions which ensures cost-effectiveness over time.

lapped pine paling fence along sidewalk with bushes obscuring bottom of fence

Wooden fencing boasts timeless style & natural appeal

Wood fencing tends to be a popular choice over non-natural materials because people prefer keeping their landscaping natural. Even with the rise of modern architecture, wood fencing is still very popular as it helps keep a balance of natural and non-natural throughout the backyard design. Not only does wooden fencing keep the natural feel in your backyard, but it also allows airflow through the palings, improving the environment and your health.

Having a wooden fence on your property not only improves the natural look and feel of the place, but it will also help boost the value of your property – especially if it is a premium hardwood fence. Fences not only provide security and privacy but can boost curb appeal as well.

So, we’ve covered the three best things about building a wood fence. Now you know that wooden fences are more economical, easier to repair and offer timeless style – your decision is made for you!

It’s finally time to get planning. Start building your fence today with our huge range of fence supplies and turn your dream fence into a reality.

Even better – we've written some handy info about all the different types of fence styles. Use our fencing calculator and take the hard part out of building your fence.