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Timber Flooring or Carpeting: You Decide

We are one of the most prolific timber flooring suppliers in Queensland and New South Wales. We have helped many of our friends and neighbours install timber floors in their homes that they can be proud of. But we know a timber floor isn’t for everyone. Here are some things to consider if you are making a choice between timber flooring and carpet.

The Case for Timber Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of a timber floor is its appearance. Timber flooring has such a unique aesthetic that it makes homes appear to be high-end or luxurious just by its presence. It has a timeless appeal which guarantees a good timber floor will never go out of style.

Timber flooring is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Because the surface of a timber floor is smooth and non-porous, it is easy to wipe or sweep most spills or dirt off of a timber floor. To clean a timber floor, all you really need to do is sweep and mop it.

Timber flooring is also very easy to repair. If there is damage to a board, you can simply replace the damaged board. If there is damage to the finish, a timber floor can be easily refinished. The most work you will really have to do to refinish is to sandblast any stains before applying a new finish.

Timber flooring is also long lasting. In addition, it is non-allergenic because dust and mites can’t find a “foothold” on such a smooth surface..

The Case for Carpeting

Carpets are soft and more comfortable to sit or walk on. This can sometimes be extremely beneficial for children who like to sit on the floor. Carpet can also be less expensive than a hardwood floor. Because the carpet is a softer surface, it can provide a degree of protection when people or objects fall.

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