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Why Timber Fencing is a Queensland Institution

Timber fencing is so popular in Queensland that it has become an institution. Whether it is being used as a design component, a part of the landscaping package or as a privacy fence and barrier between properties, people in Queensland love our timber fencing.

There are a lot of reasons why timber fencing has become such a phenomenon in Queensland. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Natural Aesthetic of Timber Fencing

In a world where everything can seem superficial, timber fencing is something you can count on to lend an air of authenticity to your home. Whether you live in an urban setting or a natural setting, fencing that is made of materials such as steel are intrusive and artificial. They stick out like a sore thumb. A lot of people say steel fencing makes their home look like a prison.

Timber fencing is natural and blends into the environment seamlessly. Timber is also a natural insulator that works to muffle sound. It provides much more privacy from neighbours than steel fencing because it keeps your conversations in and your neighbours’ conversations out.

Cost Effective

When compared to other materials, timber is very cost effective. There are numerous options available for all kinds of tastes and budgets.

Easily Installed

If you buy steel fencing, it comes in a huge roll. It needs to be installed all in one day and it takes a lot of work. Timber fencing can be installed piece by piece, a day at a time. There is no time pressure, no special equipment and no extreme weight to work with. You simply dig the holes for your fence posts and nail everything else with no special tools needed.

This makes timber fencing a great DIY project, as many of your Queensland neighbours have already found out. You are welcome to have professionals install your fence for you, but it is a popular DIY project.

Easy Repair

While it can be a disaster to repair a steel fence, you can repair the individual paling, post or rail of a timber fence with ease.

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