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We have been providing Timber decking materials to the Brisbane area for more than 40 years. so you may forgive us if we are a little bit biased towards Timber. However, we know that some people prefer a patio over a Timber deck and we understand. Here are some of the factors they go into deciding between Timber decking and a patio.

Timber Decking or Patio: How to Decide

The Case for a Patio

A patio can be a lot cheaper than a Timber deck. It doesn’t take as much expertise to build a patio as it does to build a Timber deck. If you are a fan of having a fire pit, it’s obviously a much better fit for a patio. If you have a flat yard and just want to get something done without working as hard, a patio might be for you.

The Case for a Timber Deck

A Timber deck can be built on the ground, but it can also be built on the second floor of a home. The railing on a Timberjack offers safety and also can make it feel a little bit more enclosed or private. Timbertex look much more natural and are great for integrating a home into its natural surroundings.

If your home is on a hill or a piece of land that is not level, a Timber duck makes a lot more sense because it sits on support beams above the ground. If there is too much of a hill in your yard, it is almost impossible to make a patio work.

The Tiebreaker

If you are deciding between building a patio or a Timber deck, here is the tiebreaker: The timber aesthetic.

There is nothing that looks as good as a well-built Timber deck. There is also a great sense of pride in knowing that you built something that looks so good, feels so solid and provides you with so much entertainment value.

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