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As long-time timber suppliers in Brisbane, one of the most gratifying parts of this job is knowing that we are having a positive impact on the environment. Timber is the building material which is the most beneficial to the environment, both in the growing process and in building energy-efficient buildings. Timber is now the preferred building material for low-energy construction standards. It consumes the smallest amount of non-renewable energy and it provides the most thermal protection to a building.

How Timber Affects the Environment

Growing Timber: the Environmental Benefits

The carbon footprint is the main measuring stick used to determine a building material’s effect on the environment. The carbon footprint is a measurement of how much carbon is released into the environment when making and transporting a building material.

Steel and aluminium require a lot of heat and energy to create and fabricate. The process of making either creates pollutants that are harmful to the environment. All of this makes for a large carbon footprint because a lot of carbon is released into the environment.

When timber is being grown, it “inhales” CO2. It turns the carbon into timber and releases the oxygen back into the environment. This actually produces a negative carbon footprint. Also, the only real “fabricating” that has to be done with timber is with a saw. That does not take a lot of energy or burn a lot of carbon.

Timber: the Insulator

In addition, timber is a great natural insulator which improves the energy efficiency and therefore the environmental impact of buildings. Timber is a natural insulator. Timber buildings weigh less than steel buildings. They allow for faster response to heat or cold because timber doesn’t absorb or radiate heat. It doesn’t take as much heat to heat timber house and it doesn’t take as much air conditioning to cool a timber house.

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