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Spotted Gum Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

Spotted gum timber flooring is a widely popular flooring surface in Australia. Known for its sheer beauty, strength, and durability, it's the perfect addition inside one's home or outdoor decking area. Spotted gum timber comes in a variety of colours depending on the tree including, light to deep red in heartwood timbers, and white to light brown in sapwood timbers. The variety of gorgeous colours available ensures it will match your style and design choices in your current or future home.

Let's take a closer look at all the benefits spotted gum timber has, as well as how to care for this type of hardwood timber flooring.

Benefits of Spotted Gum Flooring

Incredibly Beautiful - There's no doubt about it, spotted gum has some of the most attractive markings you can find on a hardwood floor. The vibrant colour looks great in any room of your home and can match a variety of styles.

Easy to Deal With - Spotted gum is very easy to paint, stain, and polish depending on your preferences.

Very Tough - This timber has amazing strength and is resistant to scratches from everyday living, furniture, pets, and children, making it a terrific choice for any home or outdoor environment.

Inexpensive - If you're looking for reasonable prices, spotted gum is easy on the wallet.

Environmental Friendly - This species of hardwood has a very small carbon footprint since it can be grown and found so close to home. Since there's no need for planes or ships to transport, there's less pollution in the air. Choosing sustainably grown plantation wood in Australia greatly benefits the environment in many ways.

Easily Resurfaced - Throughout the years, you may want to refresh the look of your hardwood. It's as simple as using a floor sander, applying surface wax, and sanding to leave you with floors that look as brand-new as the day you had them installed.

Care Tips

Spotted gum is a lifetime investment that requires very little upkeep. To best protect your hardwood floors and to provide the best longevity, follow these simple tips.

  • Sweep/vacuum on a regular basis
  • Use a microfibre mop (slightly damp only)
  • Ensure you only use a PH neutral floor cleaner
  • Follow the grain as you mop
  • Wipe up any spills immediately

Don't use a steam mop as it will put excess moisture into your floors. Also never use bleach, ammonia, methylated spirits, waxes, oils, or any harsh chemicals as it will degrade the coating.

Spotted gum is an amazing hardwood floor which will provide enjoyment for many years to come! It's durability, strength, and beauty simply can't be beaten. If you're looking to add hardwood flooring to your home, contact the experts today at Narangba Timbers.