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Most timber suppliers in Australia will tell you that plantation pine is a great timber to use for framing. At Narangba Timbers, we recommend blue plantation pine for framing. There are a lot of great reasons to use plantation pine.

Plantation Pine Framing

First, it is a renewable material that is harvested from plantations that are designed to be environmentally sustainable. Timber helps control greenhouse gas emissions. Trees “inhale” CO2, a greenhouse gas, and “exhale” oxygen. Every time we cut a tree down, we plant another one. Trees build themselves with carbon that they take from the environment in the form of CO2.

In other words, when a tree is cut and a new one is planted in its place, the net result is a decrease of CO2 in the environment. If this was the only benefit, it would be a compelling argument to use plantation pine. But plantation pine is the best framing material on the planet for framing.

Blue pine is used as the framework in over 90% of new homes in Australia every year. The reason is that it is such a great building material. It is light and it is strong. That makes it easy to process and easy to transport. Modern technology ensures that every piece of blue pine is of the highest quality.

Blue pine is a versatile building material. It is strong but easy to use and can be fitted to any structural situation. Blue pine is also termite resistant. It is treated by organic pesticides that are usually used in household applications such as head lice treatments. They are not toxic or unsafe to humans, animals or plants. But termites hate blue pine.

Blue pine is dyed blue to identify it as treated structural pine. It is guaranteed for 25 years of structural integrity. It is a very affordable and effective solution to creating a strong frame that is safe from termites.

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