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GOS Hardwood F14 H4

GOS Hardwood F14 H4


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Our H4 GOS Hardwood (green off saw) is a highly durable timber perfect for structural applications like decking, pergolas and more.  

Benefits of our GOS Hardwood 

✔ Strong & durable to last you a lifetime
✔ Cost-effective keeping your project under budget
✔ Withstands harsh weather, pests, rot & decay to stand the test of time 

Green off saw (GOS) means the timber has not been air or kiln dried before being treated – thus maintaining a high moisture content. GOS Hardwood can be easily bent to remove bowing and remains structurally sound. 

Features of F14 H4 Hardwood 

✔ Suited for internal & external structural applications
✔ F14 Structural Grade
✔ H4 treated for pest, rot & decay resistance
✔ Standard 100x100 (mm) size

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