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Bee Box Hoop Pine Shelving

Bee Box Hoop Pine Shelving



linear meter inc. GST

Our Bee Box Hoop Pine Shelving is a great choice for all-purpose crafting and especially popular for crafting home-made bee hives. 

Benefits of Bee Box Hoop Pine Shelving 

✔ Chemical-free keeping your craft project safe
✔ Easily workable to allow for easy cutting, sanding & painting
✔ Cost-effective, keeping your project under budget 

Hoop Pine is a Queensland-grown species with a light yellow-brown appearance and a fine grain except around it’s tight knots. 

Features of Hoop Pine Shelving 

✔ Untreated & chemical-free
✔ Standard 250x22 (mm) size
✔ Safe for children & wildlife (such as bees) 

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