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Pine Pool Wedge 75×38 (Pair)

$29.98 EA inc. GST

Pine Pool Wedges, or similarly known as ‘pool safety rail’ or ‘wedge restraint’ sit along the rail of a fence, making it more difficult to climb. With a sloped edge along one side, the pine rail will sit flush against any fence rails, creating a gradient rather than a flat ‘step’ surface.

Best suited for applications where an extra safety precaution is needed such as; a neighbouring house with a pool where your children may climb the fence and be at risk. This is actually a requirement of many local councils to meet safety regulations – and is worth checking with your own local council.

Features of Pine Pool Wedge

  • CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) treated
  • 60 degree sloped edge
  • Suitable for treatments or paint to match the rest of your fence for a seamless finish.

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