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Our Type S Galvanised Log Supports are a steel brace used for fixing round logs to fence posts. They are the ultimate solution for effortlessly creating a pine log fence without the hassle of cutting holes in your posts. Simply screw in your log support and attach to the post. 

Benefits of Type S Log Supports  

✔ Galvanised steel guarantees resilience against the elements
✔ Equipped with a spiral nail fixing feature, installation is quick & hassle-free
✔ Sized to accommodate all log sizes, providing flexibility for your unique fencing needs 

The galvanised finish not only adds a sleek aesthetic, but also enhances the overall durability, making these log supports a reliable choice for your fencing project. 

Features of a Log Support  

✔ Galvanised finish
✔ Sized to fit any log size
✔ Spiral nail fixing 

For optimal results, secure these log supports to square posts or any post with a flat side, maximising their effectiveness in creating a sturdy and enduring pine log fence. 

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