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Untreated Hardwood Sleepers are a great choice for your next retaining wall or garden landscaping project. Their untreated nature creates a blank canvas for your creativity to shine through.   

Benefits of our Untreated Hardwood Sleepers  

✔ Hardwood possesses a natural resistance to decay
✔ Perfect for applications where treated sleeper may not be safe
✔ Versatile, allowing you to easily cut and shape to fit your landscaping requirements
✔ An eco-friendly option for projects where sustainability is a priority 

Untreated hardwood sleepers offer a natural, durable and eco-friendly solution for outdoor landscaping and construction projects. 

Features of Hardwood Sleepers  

✔ Untreated
✔ Suitable for external use
✔ Available in two sizes; 200x50 & 230x115 (mm)

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