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M10 Coach Screw Galvanised

M10 Coach Screw Galvanised


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M10 Coach Screw Galvanised are a 10mm bolt best suited for any projects that require the joining of two pieces of timber like deck frame joists and bearers, pole plates and rails to posts.

When can I use M10 Coach Screw Galvanised?

  • Joining bearers and joists for a deck frame
  • Attaching a hand rail to a post for deck railing
  • Pole Plates for roof framing or rafters

Benefits of M10 Coach Screw Galvanised

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Suitable for medium to heavy loads
  • Concealed head to prevent snagging and catching

Galvanised screws are suitable to be used anywhere that is not within 5km of a coastline. If the project is within 5km of the coast a Stainless Steel Screw would be better suited.


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