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Our plain fencing wire is a low-tensile farm fence solution for stock containment and boundary fencing. It is a robust and versatile solution for all your rural fencing needs.  

Benefits of our fencing wire  

✔ Perfect balance of flexibility and softness for easy handling & installation
✔ Corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity & reliability in harsh weather
✔ Long-lasting performance is ensured with a sturdy 3.15mm thickness
✔ Adapts seamlessly to various applications for all your fencing needs 

Ideal for securing livestock, marking boundaries, or fortifying agricultural perimeters. Whether you're a farmer, a construction professional, or a homeowner, this fencing wire ensures the security and longevity you need. 

Features of low tensile fence wire

✔ 3.15mm thickness
✔ Flexible and soft

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