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135×19 QLD Mixed Hardwood Decking Feature

SKU: 101309

$8.23 LM inc. GST

QLD Mixed Hardwood Decking combines strength, durability, and natural beauty. This product may include various timber species. Our Feature Grade timber embraces the natural characteristics of authentic timber, including short lengths, gum veins, borer holes, and other distinctive features.

Benefits of our QLD Mixed Hardwood Decking

✔ H3 Treated for Longevity
✔ Natural Resilience
✔ Exceptional Durability
✔ Versatility

Our H3-treated Feature Grade timber is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and has Class 1 and 2 durability ratings. It resists decay, termites and harsh weather offering low maintenance and long-lasting beauty and strength. We recommend allowing a 30% wastage factor when calculating the amount you need to account for the natural characteristics.

Species Highlights

  • Iron-Gum: This species features a blend of ruby red Queensland Eucalypts, with deep even red heartwood and light tan sapwood. It offers a rich and luxurious appearance that adds an element of sophistication to your space.
  • Spotted Gum: With its unique blend of light to dark earthy browns, accented with hints of grey and red flecks, Spotted Gum is a classic hardwood timber that exudes timeless elegance.
  • Ironbark: Textured by its dark brown and nutty honey grain, Ironbark flows into a crimson red with distinctive sapwood. It’s a hardwood that speaks of strength and natural beauty.

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