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Timber suppliers in Brisbane and other parts of Australia are keeping a close eye on a product called “massive timber.” Massive timber has been a staple of the rebuilding effort in New Zealand and has showed up in Melbourne at The Library at the Dock and Netball Central, but we aren’t seeing a lot of it around Brisbane yet.

Timber As A Building Material

What is Massive Timber?

Massive timber is a form of timber that is created by today’s technology and is stronger than natural timber. It is made out of several thin layers of timber that are not only easier to build with and more pliable, but stronger. Their straightness and uniformity make them easier to use as building materials.

The three current varieties are Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Why Build with Massive Timber?

Massive timber has inherent advantages. Timber is environmentally sustainable. Timber is also a natural insulator. Massive timber is turning out to provide superior protection against earthquakes. According to architect Michael Green, massive timber products meet or exceed the performance characteristics of reinforced concrete.

Green cites cost effectiveness, durability, water ingress protection, constructability and fire protection. Green projects that timber will eventually become a less expensive material than concrete and steel.

Both Sweden and Germany currently have eight storey apartment buildings. The one in Germany was constructed in in three weeks. In Berlin, there is a seven storey building called E3 which is rated at 90 minutes for fire.

What it Means to You

We like the idea of timber making a comeback as a building material. Technology always becomes less expensive when competition appears. If the market for massive timber becomes larger, look for more manufacturers to come aboard, technology to advance even more and prices to come down.

In the near future, you could see the first inexpensive massive timber residence.

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