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As one of the most prolific suppliers of timber flooring in Brisbane, we like to see all of our customers get the most out of their timber. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY options that make it easier than ever to install your timber flooring. Here are some techniques your Brisbane neighbours are using.

Timber Floor Installation


Nailing is the most common method used to install timber flooring. The planks are nailed to a plywood subfloor. Special nails are used along with a special flooring mallet that dampens vibrations and avoids cracking the timber.

This is the easiest method because it doesn’t require carpentry skills. The only skills required are the ability to hammer a nail and the ability to cut and measure a board. Highly recommended.


This is similar to nailing. A large pneumatic stapler is used to drive special flooring staples into the timber. This is faster than nailing but you have to rent the stapler from a home improvement store.


If you already have a tile or timber floor that you don’t want to remove, you can use adhesives to install the timber floor on top of the present floor. Beware: this only works if the subflooring and the current floor are smooth and structurally sound. You will also need vapour barriers to do this.


This technique allows you to install timber flooring without actually attaching it to the structure. The planks lock together and sit on top of the current flooring. A great example of this is the temporary dance floors you often see in banquet and catering facilities that vary the size of their rooms and dance floors on a daily basis.

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