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How Timber Screening Adds Value to Your Property

Let's be honest, our amazing outdoor lifestyle is a key reason why we all love living here in Australia. The weather is better all year round and outdoor entertaining is always an option.

As such our backyard, deck, paved area and garden are important features that combine to entice our family and friends outside to enjoy the sunshine on a long and relaxing weekend afternoon or a casual breakfast during the week.

Additionally, if the time has come to move on from your home, you can be sure that a run-down or time worn outdoor entertainment area will decrease the value of your property or simply lengthen the time it spends on the market.

feature wall using timber screening

A modern and innovative way to re-style and update the look of your outdoor entertainment area is to use timber screening to block off less visually appealing features like fencing or to provide a clean and crisp border between two outdoor areas.

Timber screening can be used for all manner of garden features. Following are just a few that you may consider...

Timber Screening Linking Inside and Outside

Do your garden and your house feel separated?

Modern interior design seeks to draw people through the house and into the outdoor entertainment area using visual queues.

If you have timber flooring or timber doors and windows in your home you can use timber timber screening to carry that theme through to the garden thus linking the two areas.

Unseen is Unknown - Using Timber Screening to Hide a Negative

Perhaps your outdoor entertainment area is high and you can see into next door's property. Perhaps you are the one who is overlooked?

Maybe you have a garden that is best hidden or fencing that has seen better days.

It can be expensive to fix the above issues and not very pleasant to ignore them.

For a relatively low cost you can use timber screening to hide the problem thus ensuring the focus is on your outdoor entertainment area and not the feature you do not want others to see.

Climbing Plants Love Timber Screens

Here in Queensland the weather enables a wide range of climbing plants to prosper and grow thus allowing us to have the quiet comfort of greenery and the lovely scent of flowers around our homes and gardens.

Timber screens offer the perfect framework for vines and other climbing plants.

Fencing your Garden for Beauty and Privacy

Timber screening is not only for the back yard. It can be used to provide beauty and privacy also for your front yard and down the side of your property.

If you enjoy spending time in your garden, but your fence is too short, timber screening is the solution. You can easily add some height by installing timber screens next to or even on top of your fence. This enables you to block prying eyes and enjoy your privacy.

Attractive timber slats aligned horizontally give your screens a modern finish that matches the look of modern or traditionally designed homes.

Timber Screening Provides Shade

Whilst we are being honest we can admit that the sun can be a bit harsh in the midst of summer and skin cancer is always an issue down here in Australia.

Timber screening can deliver a permanent solution to the intense sunlight in your garden. It provides a stylish, cost effective designer solution. Decorative screens can cast various shadows to create unique effects making your outdoor entertainment area more attractive and relaxing.

Decorating Your "Nothing" Spaces

Timber screens help you to spice up blank spaces in your garden. You can use the timber screens as a backdrop to your beautifully potted plants.

Large areas can be compartmentalised making cosy nooks where you can position comfortable furniture or that 5 burner BBQ you have had your heart set on for the last 12 months.

Imagine how your garden will look when you add timber screening. Sleek and modern, cosy and contemplative and money in the bank when you come to move...

Contact Narangba Timbers now to find out more about our timber screening options or phone us on 1300 477 024.