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How a Great Infrastructure Ensures Great Australian Timber on Our Shelves

When you visit most timber suppliers, you may take it for granted that they have a nice supply of native Australian timber on the shelves at reasonable prices. At Narangba Timbers, we go out of our way to find the best timber and give you the lowest prices. Sometimes, it probably looks like it’s easy. But did you know we are dependent upon a well-developed infrastructure to keep that high quality Australian timber at our facility?

We carry a lot of Australian timber, but we also import timber from other countries to give our customers a choice. The timber business is competitive, both domestically and globally. A recent document from the Forest Industry Advisory Council and the Australian Government recently addressed the issue of infrastructure.

Ultimately, it is better for all of us if high quality Australian timber is available on a timely basis at a reasonable price. This is important to you for a number of reasons. First of all, it affects the Australian economy, which affects you. The ability to transport timber in an efficient and timely manner affects the price, quality and availability of Australian timber that ends up in our facility and ultimately in your projects.

There are four basic types of infrastructure that affect the market:

  • Domestic transport by air, rail, road and sea
  • A national energy grid
  • Seaports that can provide access for export to international markets
  • Communications networks

Forest lands and plantations are usually in remote areas. So are many processing plants. It is crucial to have efficient transport and logistics from forest to processing plant to market. If the costs of transport become too steep, it can compromise the ability of Australian timber to compete in the marketplace, both domestically and globally.

Communication and transportation are going to be the crucial issues for the forest industry as we move into the future.

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