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Grey Ironbark Timber Flooring: a Brisbane Favourite

If you plan to install timber flooring soon, consider one this Australian favourite: Grey Ironbark. Grey Ironbark timber has three qualities that work well for timber flooring: it is hard, it is dense and it has an attractive grain pattern.

Grey Ironbark grows near the coast in NSW and Queensland. The heartwood can vary from a dark chocolate brown to a pale brown and often has some red in it. The sapwood can be brown to creamy brown. It has an interlocking grain that looks great on timber flooring.

Why Grey Ironbark for Timber Flooring

Grey Ironbark is one of the most durable species of timber you can use for flooring. It has a Class 1 durability rating and is rated as very hard. It is resistant to termites. Besides timber flooring, Grey Ironbark is used for marine construction, heavy construction, sleepers, piles, poles, decking and shipbuilding.

Grey Ironbark can be a bit tough to work with on some projects, but once you are finished, your timber flooring is going to be there a long time. Luckily, our flooring has already been cut into a T&G (Tongue and Groove) pattern at the mill. All you have to do is cut the right lengths and nail the boards together.

The end result is a floor that will hold a finish well and is able to stand up to all of the love (and hardship) a family can give it. We know kids can be tough on a floor and we know life can be tough on a floor that is why you want a timber species that is hard enough and dense enough to maintain its integrity for years to come through everything you or your family and throw at it.

If Grey Ironbark isn’t your favourite, we have many other timber species to choose from. Find out for yourself. Visit our facilities in Brisbane and Sydney or call us and talk to the best customer service in the timber business on 1300 477 024.