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Why Glued Laminated Timber Beams are so Popular in the Construction Industry

Our timber sales staff is often asked about laminated timber beams and whether they are as good as steel. We can attest that they have been a construction staple for years. We will let science compare them to steel. Glue laminated timber, or Glulam for short, is an engineered timber product. We have had it in Australia since the 1950’s.

The process of engineering Glulam produces beams that are longer and stronger than natural wood beams. They can also be engineered to be curved or straight, allowing shapes such as arches, which have long been used for structural strength.

Glulam also eliminates the natural defects that show in even the best and strongest natural timber. This guarantees that it is going to be stronger than natural timber. Glulam has twice the tensile strength of steel, but is two-thirds the weight of steel. It is one-sixth the weight of concrete.

Structural Advantages of Glulam

The larger sizes and longer lengths of Glulam allow it to be used as structural beams. Remember that it can also be manufactured straight or curved. Glulam is also more stable than standard timber because it is manufactured from seasoned timber. This makes it less likely to engage in movement related to changes in moisture.

The only place where caution should be exercised is if they are used in a place that undergoes rapid changes in humidity. This can cause swelling and cracking in rare instances.

Glulam is manufactured from timber that is stress graded and chosen for high structural capacity. It is subject to stringent quality and strength requirements. This guarantees reliability. An added bonus: Glulam is resistant to most corrosive agents such as acids or rust. This makes Glulam appropriate for swimming pools, animal hide curing complexes and fertiliser storage.

For heavy duty construction, Glulam is strong, light, versatile and reliable.

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