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Coatings and Finishes for Your Timber Floor

As timber suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney, we have become a clearinghouse of information about timber. It is our job to keep abreast of industry trends and developments. One important factor that affects the life and appearance of timber is the coating or finish that is applied to it. Here are the three basic kinds of coatings for timber.

Solvent-Based Coatings

Solvent-based coatings are the most commonly used for timber flooring, especially for interior applications. They do not contain water and are popular because they are generally superior at offering protection from wear and tear caused by foot traffic. Finishes are available ranging from full gloss sheen to semi-gloss, satin and matt finishes.

Solvent finishes are also available as a one or two-part blend with polyurethane. The one-to-one ratio produces an especially robust finish that is very resistant to scratches and wear.

Water-Based Coatings

Many years ago, water-based coatings were grossly inferior to solvent-based coatings in terms of their ability to provide protection and their ability to remain intact on the surface for any length of time. However, recent technological advances have produced water-based coatings that are comparable to solvent-based coatings in their performance.

Improved protection from the elements and resistance to wear and tear have caused water-based coatings to rise in popularity for both commercial and residential applications. The main advantages they offer are low toxicity, especially during the application process, and faster drying times.

Oil-Based Coatings

While there are a diverse lot of coatings that qualify as “oil-based,” the most common are tung oil and oil-modified urethane. Oil-based coatings often provide a better “look” but also require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. If aesthetics are important to you, an oil-based coating may be the way to go. Just remember that it will require regular polishing or waxing.

It All Starts with the Right Timber

If you don’t have high-quality timber, the finish won’t matter. Call Narangba Timbers today on 1300 477 024.