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Why the Best Australian Architects Prefer Timber to Build Homes

Something timber suppliers in Brisbane have been noticing for a few years is catching on in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia. Prestige architects are beginning to use timber as their preferred building material for residential homes.

One high profile architect in Melbourne has gone as far as saying he is “obsessed” with timber as a building material. While large building design has become more modern, clinical and “cutting edge,” dominated by steel and concrete, home builders are more attracted to traditional materials that integrate homes with nature.

According to a Sydney architect, this affinity to timber is a reflection of man’s desire to get back to nature. Timber has an aesthetic that is unmatched by materials such as concrete or aluminium.

According to Andrew Dunn, who supervises the Australian Timber Design Awards as the head of the Timber Development Association, “timber makes (us) calmer.” Mr Dunn acknowledges that many are using the word “wellbeing” in conjunction with timber. In fact, scientific studies have proven that people feel happier mentally and have more energy physically when they live in timber buildings.

Timber has been in use for home building for hundreds of years and never really fell out of favour as a cost-effective material for framing. But now, builders are using timber in many more creative ways besides structural elements, including: cladding, fittings, joinery and furniture.

The Visual Appeal of Timber

One of the reasons timber has become so popular is that there are now so many choices. You can choose from many varieties of native softwoods and hardwoods. Also, timber comes in many different colours and forms, including: solid timber, laminates, composites and veneers.

Timber is easier to work with than any building material. It is easy to work with. It can be cut into nearly any shape, with angles and curves that are almost impossible with other materials. While a concrete, glass and steel building can be stark, they also tend to be flat and uninspiring.

On the other hand, timber buildings offer texture, contrast and warmth that steel and concrete can’t provide.

For example, an award-winning artist studio was built with Blackbutt walls, floors and ceilings and a curved wall built with Spotted Gum battens that were contoured around a contemporary, pond-themed swimming pool.

Timber cladding is being used to provide unique aesthetics to many upscale homes. From a scalloped motif reminiscent of fabric to an articulated facade using battens cut to varying depths, timber is being used to provide homeowners with a near-infinite variety of attractive but functional home designs.

Benefits of Timber

Timber provides numerous benefits as a building material. First of all, it is the best insulator of all building materials. Timber will help you keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It will also save you money on heating and air conditioning costs.

Timber is natural and helps fight climate change. Timber stores carbon, giving it a negative “carbon footprint.” It also doesn’t break down into toxic materials because it is 100% natural. In addition, it doesn’t take much energy to convert trees into building materials.

Timber is readily available for building, maintenance and repair work. Timber is easy to work with and a home can be built without heavy duty construction machinery. People with reasonable building experience can actually build their own timber homes. This is not possible with concrete and steel.

Timber homes can be easily repaired by replacing or repairing individual boards as they wear or are damaged. This can make repairs far less costly than those on other building materials.

Best Timber Suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney

If you are looking to build a home with timber, check out the best timber suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney: Narangba Timbers. We provide a wide variety of high-quality timber, sourced as close to home as possible. We only use ethical, sustainable sources for our timber because we believe in leaving a better world for future generations.

We provide structural elements, timber cladding, timber flooring and everything else you need to build a home out of timber.

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