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Add Style to Your Home Using Timber Screen Battens

Timber covering is an environmentally friendly process that is employed to constructions.

Timber Screen Battens, otherwise known as screen boards are constructed from narrow sections of long-lasting timber and provides an aesthetically appealing offering a cost-effective solution to privacy, household security, or climate control.

A batten is a layer of material which is used in construction and shipbuilding. Historically, wood was used, but other materials such as aluminium have entered the market. When many timber battens are used together in a series, they create a narrow effect that adds dimension, rhythm, and texture to a facade or interior.

Timber battens can be cut and designed individually, or installed as a coordinated and modular method. They can be applied internally and externally to assist with privacy, visibility, acoustic, sun, and light control while adding a unique dash of style.

Privacy screen

The timber screen batten can be used as a screening device to restrict views and enhance privacy. The batten screen will be influenced by the combination of batten width and spacing; basically, less space and wider battens equal less visibility and more privacy.

Aesthetics and Acoustics

Walls lined with timber battens have a rhythmic and textured result, which adds detail and warmness to a room. Due to its natural composition, wood is better and preferred because it has a stronger sound-absorbing ability than most structural materials. Therefore, timber patterns will also function as an acoustic panel. A scrim lining can enhance absorption even further. When used externally, timber battens add warmth and texture to a brick courtyard or plain concrete while also reducing noise.

Sun control

Timber screen batten can be used as a brise-soleil, deflecting sunlight, reducing heat gain, and direct sun exposure.

Timber screen battens will create a contemporary, clean external façade suitable for both residential and commercial designs. Furthermore, they can also be integrated inside the property to produce a visually stunning feature. Contact us for all your timber needs because we are the best in the market.