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It’s important to have an attractive exterior to your home. It adds curb appeal and ensures that your home is well-protected year after year. Particularly with the sun and rain that you can experience in southeastern Queensland, hardwood weatherboard is a great option to explore.

What is hardwood weatherboard?

When it comes to hardwood weatherboards, it is a type of cladding that gets layered onto the outside of your home. It can be attractive and cost-effective. It is made from different hardwood species, many of which are native to Australia.

Queenslander timber home with picket fence

Cladding comes in a variety of different materials. Stone, metal, fibre cement, and even glass can be used. However, each one is going to provide a very different look. Many of the materials are high maintenance, too, which can be less than desirable because it can get expensive through the years.

Whether you’re finishing the exterior of your shed, cubby house, farm building, or home, the use of hardwood weatherboard is durable and low maintenance. It’s also naturally fire-resistant, giving you one less thing for you to worry about.

The Best Option for Home Cladding

As you explore the various home options in Australia, you will see that home cladding can vary dramatically. However, it’s important to have a look that is highly appealing. With the use of hardwood weatherboard, you choose an option that looks great and functions well year after year.

At Narangba Timbers, we’re here to help you choose a hardwood that coordinates well with the other exterior colours you have going on. We can also order the boards in different sizes based on your individual needs.

Hardwood timber cladding is a cost effective and attractive way to finish the exterior of your home, farm buildings, cubby houses and sheds.

Created from Australian hardwood species, the hardwood weatherboards that we stock here at Narangba Timbers are durable and naturally fire-resistant.

With proper care and maintenance, hardwood weatherboards can last a very long time. We have them available in 175 x 25 x 6 mm, and can order in different sizes if required.