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Wood floors seem to be a growing trend in homes. Sure, they look beautiful but is this the only reason designers turn towards wood flooring in their clients’ homes?

Let’s take a look at why designers love wood floors and why you will want them in yours.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As we mentioned above, wood floors are pleasing to the eye and can do wonders when transforming a room in a house.

Why Timber Flooring is so Popular in Brisbane

With so many colours, designs, and texture options available, it is easy for consumers to find a style of wood flooring to fit your personal tastes while matching beautifully with their home.

Low Maintenance

Unlike carpet, which can harbour dirt, dust, pet hair, and other types of unwanted debris which can be difficult to remove and sanitise, wood floors are the exact opposite. Designers love wood floors for their low maintenance and durable properties.

Even the largest messes are easy to clean off of wood floors. The ability to thoroughly clean and sanitise wood floors improves air quality.

The ease of maintenance makes wood floors a popular choice in homes, especially high traffic areas such as hallways and living areas.

Make the Most of Space

Designers are focused on playing to the strengths of a space. The one thing designers can’t change is the size of a room.

They must incorporate things into their design to make the room feel bigger. Wood floors are well-known for making spaces feel and look bigger than they are.

For this reason, they are a go-to for designers.


Let’s face it, everyone is on a budget when it comes to a home “reno”. Wood floors are a great value for the money.

Installing this type of flooring is a cost-effective option that your wallet will appreciate.

Always in Style

Wood floors are always trendy and in style.

The Team at Selling Houses Australia are obviously aware of this because they so often renovate existing wood floors or add new timber flooring whilst preparing homes for sale during their lifestyle program.

Installing a popular flooring will add value to your home and help you receive the highest price for it.

At Narangba Timbers we specialise in hardwood flooring. We supply various timber varieties in colours to match your home decor choices.