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If there’s one thing we value at Narangba Timbers, it’s sustainable timber.
By choosing responsibly harvested timber, we not only reduce our carbon emissions but allow for a finished product that effortlessly combines aesthetic and strength. But what makes Narangba Timbers sustainable? Here’s a rundown on what makes us the best choice for ethically harvested timber. 

We source our timber from ethical suppliers

Because we pride ourselves on sustainable harvesting, it should be no surprise that we only source our products from local and ethical timber suppliers.

At Narangba Timbers, we recognise the National Forest Policy Statement of 1992, a national government statement policy that provides for ethical and sustainable management of timber. 

As a responsible timber supplier, we ensure our local suppliers harvest timber in certified state native forests, otherwise defined as “state forest areas” and managed private forests that are governned under the Vegetation Management Act 1999. These forest areas are maintained and monitored on a regular basis by DAFF (Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries) and harvesting is completed carefully and meticulously. 

When it comes to imported timber species like Merbau, Radiata Pine and or Cedar. We’re careful to ensure that our import supply partners are also abiding by internationally recognised forest management practices. As such, we ensure all imported timbers sold through Narangba Timbers are PEFC certified timbers. PEFC is an international organisation that promotes good forest supply chain practices that ensures code mark holders supply timber products with respect to the highest ecological, social and ethical standards around the globe.

Why choose ethically sourced timber?

When trees aren’t harvested responsibly, the overall output of carbon increases dramatically and we are left with a higher abundance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Put simply, we cannot survive on this planet without forests. By practising ethical timber harvesting, we are helping our forests to regulate the global climate and produce the oxygen we need to survive.

Forests absorb nearly 40 percent of the fossil-fuel emissions humans produce, which is why we see it as a step in the right direction to harvest our trees responsibly.

Brisbane’s most sustainable timber supplier

If you are looking for timber that is sourced locally and ethically, go no further than Narangba Timbers. Most of our timber is locally sourced, which means you will have access to some of the lowest prices in Brisbane. Get in touch today! Call: (07) 3888 1293.