As the most trusted timber decking suppliers in Brisbane, we know a lot about Merbau. Many of us here like Merbau more than any other timber when it comes to building a deck. So how much do you know about Merbau? We would like to tell you about this great timber and why we like it so much.

Merbau is classified as a hardwood. We have a lot of it in Northern Queensland but it also grows in the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia. Merbau is both strong and durable. This makes it a natural for marine, engineering and construction applications.

Merbau or Kwila Timber Decking

Merbau has a beautiful, orangish brown colour that ages to a deeper, reddish brown. It has a distinctive grain that runs from straight to interlocked. It is coarse in texture but retains a moderate lustre. There are also mineral deposits in most Merbau, providing another distinctive marking.

Merbau is very durable. It provides natural resistance to both termites and fungal rotting. Because it is so hard, strong and durable, it can be difficult to work with when trying to cut it. However, it glues and nails together well.

When in the ground, Merbau usually lasts from 5-15 years but when used as deck planks, boards or rails, it lasts up to 40 years. It is resistant to termites and marine borers but can be susceptible to marine borers.

These qualities make Merbau a natural, not only for timber decking, but for timber outdoor furniture, too. Its only weaknesses are when used as poles or in marine applications. Merbau also provides a reasonable level of natural protection from bushfires and is cleared for use in most areas.

Besides timber decking, Merbau can be used for timber flooring and both interior and exterior rails and balustrades. It makes great material for exterior stairs, too.

Timber Decking in Brisbane

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