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As one of the premier timber decking suppliers in Brisbane, we like to see everyone to have an easy time when building their own deck. We would like to briefly cover the materials you will need to build a basic deck under standard conditions.

For the most basic of decks, you set bearers on posts, then set joists on the bearers. The decking boards go on top of this. The timber frame’s criss cross pattern provides a solid platform for the decking boards.

Do It Yourself Timber Decking

The bearers have to carry the weight of the entire deck and whatever is put on top of it, so they need to be strong. A 140×45 treated pine bearer will usually do the trick. Every 1.2 metres, a 90×90 H4 treated pine post will be needed. Treated pine is the easiest to work with.

Make sure the bearer is treated to the H3 level. That is the level at which it is OK for outside use as long as it doesn’t contact the ground. Since the posts will be in the ground, they need to be H4 treated to prevent rotting.

Using cup head bolts, posts can be attached to the bearers. The bearers need to go in the same direction as the decking boards. In addition, they need a 50mm space underneath for air flow. This will help keep them from rotting.

The joists go on top of the bearers. 45×90 H3 treated pine works great. Spread them at 450 metre intervals and lay them on top of the bearers.

Remember that all framing timber should be placed long side to the ground for more strength. You may have an easier time remembering this as “sideways.”

Use a hardwood such as spotted gum for the decking boards. Boards can range from 90×20 to 128x20mm. Be sure to allow between 2mm and 5mm space between boards to allow air flow.

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