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Which Variety of Timber for Your Timber Decking?

If you are in the market for timber decking for your home, you are not alone. It is one of the most popular DIY projects in Australia. We have a few different options for timber decking materials and would like to help you choose between them. We hope you find this information helpful.


We really like Merbau, also known as Kwila. It is our favourite and the favourite of many satisfied customers. It is durable and provides natural protection against termites and bushfires. That alone would make it a great choice. But it is also seen as the most aesthetically-pleasing timber by a lot of people who have built decks. Its rich brown colour, interspersed with yellow grains, is unparalleled. Merbau and a clear finish make for a beautiful timber deck.


Despite its name, Blackbutt is a blonde timber. It has similar hardness and durability characteristics to Merbau. It also offers natural protection against termites and bushfires. If you want a blonde coloured deck or you want to finish your deck with a stain, Blackbutt is a great choice.

Pacific Jarrah

Pacific Jarrah is another hardwood that provides high strength and durability. Its colours range from blonde to deep red. If you want a red deck without using a red stain, Pacific Jarrah will work for you.

Standard and Better Mixed Australian Hardwood

This consists of mixed Australian hardwoods. They all provide natural protection from termites and bushfires. The colours are mixed. They are available in an inexpensive grade and an elite grade.

ACQ Treated Durawood

ACQ stands for “Alkaline Copper Quaternary.” It is a treatment that is guaranteed for 25 years to protect against termites, attack by other insects, wood rot and fungus. It is pre-oiled in the factory to provide protection against water. It must be finished with a high quality deck stain immediately after installation to provide optimal performance.

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