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3 Unique Railing Styles for a Safer Deck and Stairs

If you are considering adding handrails to your timber deck there are important safeguards that need to be addressed. The most important building code standards concern the height of the deck. The standards detail whether a deck needs handrails and how they should be built. These regulations were developed to prevent injury, especially on high decks with a great potential of injury from a fall.

A deck may be built without hand-railing, but if the height of the deck is more than one metre above the ground a handrail is required. Decks higher than 4 metres from the ground have additional requirements. Consider installing versatile and economical wooden railings that blend well with all deck styles.

  • Contemporary style wooden railings often rely on visual tricks that have a modern vibe. For example, three vertically spaced balusters are placed closely together and then a larger gap separates the next three creating a unique pattern along the railing.
  • Another option is to create a very wide top handrail that substitutes as a table, creating more seating on your deck, or use the wider handrail for decorative planters. If your backyard has clean lines and focuses on harmony with nature, this modern style handrail is a great choice for your deck.
  • The oversized style utilises oversized timber posts and often has a double level railing. The lower level has evenly spaced balusters and the shorter upper portion has more widely spaced balusters. Top off the posts with antique decorative caps as a finishing touch. This style recalls early to mid-century design and looks lovely with a more structured backyard.
  • Farmhouse style railings feature diagonal cross balustrades in each section of the railing. For a longer leaner look place only one balustrade on the diagonal in each section. This style really stands out when it is painted white and the posts are often topped with a decorative cap. Farmhouse style blends well with a more casual backyard or a yard with a rustic vibe.

Wooden railings blend wonderfully into any style deck, not only are they very economical, but they also last for decades with the correct care.

They are easy to work with and they develop a distinct character as they age.

Contact Narangba Timbers and we'll help you select stylish handrails for your deck that meet the all the local building codes.