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Treat Your Timber with Ecoseal

If you are planning on creating timber decking or timber fencing for your home, you will be using treated timber for the posts. In addition, you can use CCA treated hardwood for all fencing. However, every piece of timber has one or two “cut ends.” The cut ends are not treated and you will have to seal them yourself to avoid exposing your timber to termites, fungi or bacteria that could cause them to “rot.”

The Basics About Ecoseal

The best product we know of is called “Ecoseal.” It is a green coloured, copper based re-sealing solution. Ecoseal is intended to be a supplemental product to use on treated timber that is compliant with AS1604. It can be used for outdoor projects such as fencing, decking, retaining walls and landscaping. It can be applied to treated timber any place where the integrity of the seal has been compromised through cutting, drilling, notching, machining or other procedures.

Ecoseal is best used on above ground surfaces rated H2 or H3 and in-ground use for H4 timber. It is easy to apply because it is in a pressurised container. It must be used in a well-ventilated area. Simply shake the container and turn the arrow towards the surface to be sealed. Hold the container 15cm-20cm away from the surface and apply liberally. You are finished when the timber stops absorbing Ecoseal, allowing it to “run” over the surface.

The surface will turn green, but will change to brown or olive green within a fortnight. It can be painted over in some situations, but make sure to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations first.

Why Ecoseal?

It is important to make sure that all of your timber is adequately sealed to keep it safe from termites and to keep moisture from coming in and attracting fungi and bacteria. Ecoseal is specifically formulated to work with timber that is already treated.

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