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Whether it’s timber decking, timber fencing or hardwood flooring, spring seems to be the time for projects in the Brisbane area. We can’t wait to say hi to a lot of our old friends and make some new ones. However, with spring comes a warning: make sure your power tools are working correctly and are maintained properly before using them.

Maintaining Your Tools This Spring

Here is a checklist that should make this spring high on finished projects and low on equipment mishaps.

For all equipment, look at your owner’s manual first. Your owner’s manual should have a full maintenance program for any power tool. It will tell you what specific oils and other materials are necessary, if any.

Check your spark plugs on tractors, lawn mowers,etc. If they are worn, replace them.

Inspect every piece of equipment to ensure there are no broken parts. If any piece of equipment has broken parts, be sure to fix them before trying to use the equipment.

Check air filters to see if they need replacement or cleaning. Make sure they are clear of debris.

Clean debris from any trimmers or blowers.

Change or sharpen saw chains and replace your trimmer line.

Check nuts and screws. Re-tighten any that are loose. Change any that are damaged.

If you have electric equipment, check the power cords for wear or damage. Replace or fix if necessary.

Lubricate all moving parts at friction points.

If you are mixing fuel, mix new 2-cycle engine oil and fuel that is less than two months old.

Let any piece of equipment run for two minutes as a “warm-up” before use.

Looking Forward to Making Your Projects Perfect

At Narangba Timbers, we look forward to spring and summer. It is a pleasure to be the foremost timber suppliers for our friends and neighbours in the Brisbane area. If you have any questions about timber projects or if we can be of any assistance, please call us today: (07) 3888 1293.