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We have supplied timber for decking to a lot of our Brisbane neighbours. The decision to create a deck is always a solid one. They add both living space and value to any home. A timber deck can be a centrepiece for outdoor entertaining and a great place to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Here are some tips on choosing the right design for your deck.

Choosing the Right Decking Design

What Are You Going to Use it For?

If you are using your deck for a BBQ, your requirements will be different than if you are using it as a place to simply relax and stretch out. Or you may want to use it to surround a hot tub. Function will dictate structure.

Where are You Putting Your Deck?

The location will be a major factor in your deck design. Will it be attached to your home? How much space do you have? Will it be on a slope? Do you need to work around a tree or another structure, making an irregular shape necessary?

How High is It?

If your deck is going to be close to the ground, it won’t require nearly as much structural support as a second floor deck will. If your deck is more than 1m off the ground, you will have to build a handrail. If it is 4m or more, there are a lot of regulations that will come into play.

Will it Have a Pergola?

A covered deck is very nice, but beware that the support for your pergola will have to come up through your deck. You will also have to make the deck able to support more weight.

It is always wise to know your local and neighbourhood regulations for building a deck. Be sure to obtain all necessary permits.

Are You Ready?

When you are ready to build your deck, call Narangba Timbers for the best decking timber in Brisbane: (07) 3888 1293.