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Timber Suppliers Report More Demand for Pine for the Timber Industry

Timber suppliers in across Australia are keeping a close eye on pine prices due to the news that more and more pine is being used in the paper industry. According to ABC Rural, demand for Australian-produced packaging paper has risen 12% in the last year.

The result is that many are calling for the pine plantation industry in Australia to expand. The information comes from a market and trade consulting firm called Industry Edge. Tim Woods, who is the Managing Director of Industry Edge, said the increase was caused by more food being produced and subsequently being packaged with corrugated paper. Mr Woods feels that a spike in the production of corrugated boxes has caused the increased demand for pine.

Mr Woods also feels that what he sees as an increased focus on sustainability is responsible for the increased use of more sustainable materials such as paper. Cardboard boxes can be recycled. From 25-30% of the materials used for corrugated boxes come from pine board cutoffs. Another factor is an increase in construction that is adding pressure to the pine market.

While wood chips are being created by construction, the problem is that the construction boom in some areas of Australia is putting a strain on pine plantations.

Ultimately, if demand for pine continues to increase, plantation growth will have to increase to keep up with the demand. We agree and would like to see an increase in plantation pine. We provide a lot of treated pine for use in construction and in DIY projects.

What it Means for Timber Sales Prices in Australia

We don’t really know if this rising demand will cause the prices for pine to rise, but we are going to monitor it closely. What we do know is that we are going to provide the highest quality for the lowest prices while using sustainable sources for our timber. To learn more or to contact customer service, call us today on 1300 477 024.