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Timber Suppliers in Brisbane: All About Ironbark

This is another blog in our educational series on various types of timber. Red Ironbark is an Australian timber. It grows in Queensland and can also be found in NSW and Victoria. It is classified as an Australian Eucalyptus and it is easily recognised due to its distinctive, rough, deeply-furrowed bark that runs from black to dark grey.

Ironbark has been used as a structural timber for more than 200 years because it is extremely durable in applications where it is exposed to the elements. The heartwood of an Ironbark tree is coloured a rich, dark red to red-brown. Ironbark has a fine, even texture and its grain is interlocked.

Ironbark is hard, sturdy and durable, befitting of its name. That is why it is preferred for so many heavy structural applications. However, for the DIY handyman, this can be problematic because it is extremely hard to work. It is not recommended for applications that require fine detailing. Ironbark dries slowly and is susceptible to surface checking unless steps are taken to minimise it.

Because of its durability and strength, Ironbark is great for all structural applications. It may take a little longer to work with but the results will stay with you longer than most timbers. We provide a lot of Ironbark for timber decking and timber flooring to residents of Sydney and Brisbane. It is also good for poles, cladding, framing, marine applications, mining applications and even railroad sleepers.

Ironbark is also popular for furniture but the “detail work” can be frustrating for the DIY handyman.

Timber Flooring and Timber Decking in Australia

We recommend Ironbark for timber flooring and timber decking if you, your friends or any tradies you might hire don’t mind working with it. It is rated more than 40 years for durability and provides natural protection against termites, rotting and bushfires.

If you are interested in Ironbark or any other timber and would like to know more, call Narangba Timbers today on 1300 477 024.