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Timber Suppliers in Brisbane: All About Blackbutt

This is another installment in our educational series about various timbers. This time around, we will be telling you about Blackbutt.

Blackbutt has its name because of how it looks after a bushfire, which the buttress turned black. It is also known as Coastal Blackbutt. Blackbutt makes a great plantation timber because it grows quickly and is a versatile timber. It is one of the more readily available timbers in Queensland and NSW and is commonly used for framing buildings.

The heartwood in Blackbutt can be any colour from golden yellow to pale brown. Occasionally, some pink may seep in. Blackbutt has a straight grain and even texture. Consequently, it is quite popular for interior applications.

Blackbutt can be painted, polished or stained but it is susceptible to surface checking. If Blackbutt is picked when too mature, it can also be susceptible to “bleeding,” causing it to not react well with some adhesives. Young Blackbutt grown on plantations does not have this problem. The extractives in mature Blackbutt can also cause staining if it is painted and exposed to the weather.

Blackbutt is good for machining but not so good for steam bending. It does provide natural resistance to fire and does not need to be treated in bushfire prone areas if it is more than 18 mm thick.

Blackbutt is a versatile timber that is used for many residential applications, both interior and exterior. These include framing, poles, timber decking and timber flooring in the Brisbane area.

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