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Timber Screening Adds Security, Beauty and Value to Your Home

Your yard is like your home in that you want it safe and beautiful. Fortunately, there is an elegant way to make your property both: timber screening.

What Is Screening?

When we talk about screening, we mean simple fences with small spaces between slats that people put up in a yard.

They can be put up anywhere, and don't necessarily surround an area.

They beautify a yard by both giving it a charming focal point or backdrop, and it can be used to hide eyesores that can't be gotten rid of.

Does your neighbour have an ugly paling fence? Block your view of it with a pretty softwood screen.

Have an ageing aluminium shed that came with the property? Screen it from view.

Their biggest contribution to a home's value though is their ability to make a yard more secure without making it feel caged in.

The spaces in the screening allow breezes to circulate through your yard, but they block people from wandering in.

Why Timber Screening?

Using wood for this type of outdoor project has a number of benefits.

Timber has a natural look that blends in with most landscape designs, for one thing.

You can provide a handsome backdrop to your raised flower beds and a nice complement to the natural materials you used to create paths.

Timber screening looks classy and timeless, as they both recall traditional fences and look stunningly modern. It has a warmth and texture to it that steel and other materials lack.

The best part about timber screening is that you can customise it yourself with ease. It doesn't take much prior experience building with wood to make a screen that fits your yard perfectly.

Adding a timber screen to your yard is worth the effort, and, fortunately, Narangba Timbers can help you along the way. Contact Narangba Timbers now to get more information to assist you with your timber screening project.