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We may be in the business of timber sales, but it’s our customer service that keeps our Brisbane neighbours coming back for more over three generations. We are a family business that has served the Brisbane area since 1972. That means our grandsons are helping our first customers’ grandsons and granddaughters select the timber they need to make their projects come out perfect.

Why We are So Committed to Great Customer Service

One of the first reasons we are so committed to great customer service is that we are, as we mentioned, a third generation family business. We have been around Brisbane for a long time. We are your neighbours. We have known some of you throughout those three generations. Over time, it has become even easier to treat you like family because you are like family to us.

Timber Sales or Customer Service: Why it Matters

We don’t want you to ever feel like you are a number when you walk into Narangba Timbers. We want you to feel like family. If you are a contractor or builder, we have probably known you for years.

We aren’t going to make you think we don’t know there are some great benefits for us for providing the best customer service in Brisbane. We know it separates us from “the pack.” We know great customer service gives us a great reputation and keeps you coming back again and again, generation after generation.

It makes us proud to know so many houses and projects in the Brisbane area were built with our timber and that we provided the expertise that helped them to get built correctly. It also makes us proud to know that we are doing our part and helping so many people enjoy projects such as timber decking or timber flooring.

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If you have an upcoming timber project and you want to experience our world class customer service for yourself, call Narangba Timbers today: (07) 3888 1293.