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Timber Sales: We Call it Customer Service. Here’s Why.

At Narangba Timbers, we are one of the most prolific timber sales outlets in Queensland and NSW. We have a great selection of high quality timber and the lowest prices. For a lot of timber sales outlets in the Australia, that would be enough. But at Narangba Timbers being leaders in selection, quality and prices isn’t enough. Why?

Without great customer service, we would be just another timber sales outlet. There are plenty of timber sales outlets all across Australia. If you know everything there is to know about timber, hardware and exactly what is needed for your project then you may be happy at just another timber sales outlet. Even then, you should want world class customer service to take care of you efficiently and professionally.

Why Great Customer Service is So Important

We are a third generation family business that has been in the Brisbane area since 1972. In many cases, we have third generation family employees serving third generation customers. That means a lot to us. It has turned our customer base into one large family and we don’t take that fact lightly.

Whenever you walk into Narangba Timbers, we treat you like family because, in our eyes, you are family. Even if you’ve never been in our facility before, you are part of our family the moment you walk in the door. And we are going to do our best to make sure that any project you have, large or small, is a success.

We know if we can give you the very best customer service, you will be back. Again and again. Year after year. Generation after generation. Just like so many of our favourite customers over the years.

So, how do we provide such great customer service?

Our Crew is the Best in the Business

For us, it starts with having a knowledgeable crew who know more about timber than anyone in the business. Not only do they know exactly how to help make your project a success, they are motivated to help you because they are proud of being the very best. They know every successful project stands as a testament to your talent and our service.

Timber Decking

Our decking experts know timber decking inside-out, from top to bottom. They know the designs, the timber, the finishes and the hardware that work the best for any situation. We have provided them with the best timber decking resource in the Greater Brisbane and Greater Sydney areas. Our display deck is a fully functional deck with different timbers so you can experience how each one feels and looks. You can also experience different finishes.

We also have some of the best online resources for helping you build your timber deck, including full plans for timber decking and a decking calculator that will tell you how much timber you need to complete your project. We also carry an assortment of timber species that guarantees your deck will turn out exactly like you want it.

If your neighbours have a great-looking timber deck in the Queensland or NSW, there is a good chance they got their plans and supplies right here.

Timber Fencing

We also offer everything you need to make your next timber fencing project a success. We supply CCA treated palings, posts and rails to make sure your timber fence survives in the Australian climate. We also have the right nails to ensure that your timber fence is standing for a long time.

Timber Flooring

We supply a wide selection of different timbers for timber flooring. They are T&G boards of various lengths, hardwood or pine, along with particleboard for the subfloor.

Call Narangba Timbers Today

We offer a full selection of timber for other uses, such as pine framing and boxing, timber cladding, sleepers, pine logs, mouldings, plywood and engineered timber. No project is too large or too small for the customer service professionals at Narangba Timbers.

To experience our world class customer service for yourself or to learn more, call us today on 1300 477 024.