A lot of the timber sales to our Brisbane neighbours is for DIY projects. For the novice who doesn’t have a lot of experience or is doing their first DIY project, we often recommend a project that doesn’t have a lot of pressure associated with it. For example, a hardwood floor is a masterpiece when done right, but it is part of the structure of a home and you have to live with the results.

A deck also makes a great project, but there is a lot of structural work. That basically leaves sheds, fences and pergolas as the ideal neophyte projects. We like pergolas because they are easy, attractive and can provide you with an alfresco living area or just brighten up your garden.

Brighten Up Your Garden With Timber Pergola

Decorative Garden Pergola

The decorative garden pergola is the easiest to create. Though pergolas are now used to frame roofs over alfresco living areas, they were originally created to provide structure for climbing vines and plants. If you have a garden with a small nature nook, a pergola can make a beautiful and peaceful “gateway” to a soothing sanctuary.

You can make your pergola in many different shapes and it is easy to find plans on the Internet. While they are a structural build, they don’t really have to hold a lot of weight and a few mistakes won’t cause injury or embarrassment.

Alfresco Living

We love our alfresco living in Australia. It turns a patio or deck into living space. This project will be a bit larger and a bit more demanding, but it will all be worth it as you sit under your first DIY project and enjoy some BBQ and a cold beverage.

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