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Did you know that your timber decking, even in Brisbane, may be illegally imported? Since November 2012, when the Australia Illegal Logging Prohibition Act received Royal Assent, it has been illegal to import “illegally produced timber products” into Australia.

The Act provides twofold protection against destructive and unsustainable logging practices. Not only is it illegal to import timber or products made of timber that have been illegally sourced, it is also illegal to process raw logs that have been illegally harvested in Australia.

Imported Timber in Brisbane

What is Sustainable Forestry Practice?

The international standard for determining sustainable forestry is called the Montreal Process. The Montreal Process takes a number of factors into consideration when determining whether or not a forestry practice is sustainable.

This includes maintenance of the forest ecosystem’s ability to produce more timber, the protection of biological diversity, maintaining the health and vitality of the forest’s ecosystem and maintaining the contribution of the ecosystem to the carbon cycle.

A young tree uses sunlight to turn the carbon atoms of CO2 into timber via the process known as photosynthesis. The free oxygen atoms are released into the air. When a tree becomes mature, the process stops and it becomes oxygen and carbon-neutral.

In Australia, the most sustainable species are those grown on timber plantations. However, many Australian timbers not on plantations are also grown and logged legally and ethically due to application of the Montreal Process.

Illegal Practices and Why They are Harmful

In many countries, especially Indonesia, illegal harvesting is a huge problem. Trees are cut down in protected areas, upsetting fragile ecosystems and often harming numerous species of wildlife. Trees are often cut while they are too young to harvest.

Young trees help keep our air oxygenated and help keep greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere. When they are prematurely harvested, they contribute to global warming.

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