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There are many reasons we love being timber suppliers in Brisbane. Every day, we have the pleasure of providing timber to professional and amateur builders for projects large and small. We have loved our time in the business and recently, a study told something we have always suspected: working with timber or living in a timber building is good for your health.

The report is called “Wood – Housing, Health, Humanity.” It was produced by a not for profit here in Australia called “Planet Ark.” It is part of a campaign leading to World Wood Day, celebrated on 21 March. The campaign is called “Make it Wood.” Planet Ark is an environmental group whose motto is “Positive Environmental Actions for Everyone.”

Timber Suppliers on Effects of Timber

Environmental Benefits of Timber

We have talked about this on our blog a lot because we are so committed to the environment and to responsible, sustainable forestry, but we think a few points are worth mentioning again.

First of all, trees have a negative carbon footprint; they breathe in air, turn the carbon into timber and release the oxygen back into the environment. This helps make our air more oxygen-rich and fights global warming.

Another, less-publicised benefit: the forest gives a lot of birds and animals an ecosystem in which to live. When trees are cut down and not replanted, species are threatened.

The last benefit to cover: the forest helps mitigate our climate in an immediate sense by providing shade. A home that is in the middle of a forest needs a lot less air conditioning than one that is in the sun.

Health Benefits of Timber

Spending time in the forest or even under a few trees in your backyard has documented health benefits. First of all, that increased oxygen we talked about is good for your health. Second, your relaxation neurotransmitters increase while stress hormones decrease.

In a classroom environment with more timber, students are happier and have more self esteem. They also record decreased stress response, lower heart rates, lower blood pressure and even lower cholesterol levels. On testing, they also display better cognitive response.

Timber experiments have been done on adults in Japan and Austria. In Japan, 14 people sat in a room with both a timber wall and a steel wall that were covered by curtains. Their pulse and heart rate were measured over 20 seconds. Then, one of the curtains was removed and either a timber wall or a steel wall was exposed.

When the timber wall was exposed, their blood pressure went down. When the steel panel was exposed, their blood pressure rose.

In Austria, 30 subjects slept for 21 days in a Stone Pine bed, followed by 21 days in an imitation wood bed. The subjects saved 3600 beats per day when sleeping on genuine timber.

In Japan, 44 elderly residents of a nursing home were given tables, tableware and chairs made of timber while other residents were given plastic products. Those using timber interacted with each other more, were more talkative, had more positive emotional states and expressed themselves in a more positive way.

In Canada, studies indicate that the colours and textures associated with timber elicit more positive feelings, such as relaxation, comfort and warmth. These are the same results that were obtained in studies using massage, plants and soothing music.

69 working adults in New Zealand were shown 10 images of modern corporate interiors. Five featured timber as their main theme while the other five had no timber at all. Subjects were then asked which companies they would most like to work for and which companies they would least like to work for.

They were also provided a list of descriptive nouns to associate with each company. You can guess the result: most of them would rather work for the companies with the timber interiors and the most flattering nouns, such as innovation, energy and comfort. The non-timber interiors were called uncomfortable and impersonal.

The Most Trusted Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Knew it All Along

We have known that timber is great for the environment for a long time. We have also known that timber surroundings make you relaxed and peaceful.

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