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Some flooring designs and materials go in and out of style, but timber flooring seems immune to the whims of fashion in Brisbane and across Australia. While other designs and materials spike in popularity one year and disappear the next, timber flooring never really goes out of style. It remains popular year after year after year. Here’s why.

Easy to Install with Experience

The tongue and groove design of timber flooring makes it easier to install than other types of flooring once you have a little bit of experience with it. It takes a little work, but you can install a beautiful timber floor easier than you may think.

Why Timber Flooring is so Popular in Brisbane

Easy to Clean

Timber floors are much easier to clean and any other kind. All you have to do is remove organic debris immediately, wipe up spills, vacuum and mop on a regular basis. Due to the design and the finish, timber floors don’t really attract a lot of dust and dirt.

The Timber Flooring Aesthetic

There is nothing that looks as elegant and timeless as a timber floor. The warmth and beauty of timber not only integrate your home with nature but also tend to provide the illusion of more space in your home.

Strong and Durable

A correctly executed Timber floor made out of high-quality materials is so strong and durable that it can often last longer than the house you install it into. Timber floors can easily stand up to heavy foot traffic, active workspaces and energetic children. And they still look great years after they were installed.

Increases Home Value

Timber flooring increases the value of your home when it becomes time to sell. It also seems to make homes sell faster than homes with other surfaces.

Healthy Air Quality

Timber helps you maintain a more healthy quality of air in your home. While carpets often contain formaldehyde and seem like magnets for dust and animal dander, timber doesn’t provide a “foothold” or a “place to hide” for dust, dirt and other things that can make your home unhealthy.

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