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Why Use Timber Flooring

Benefits and Advantages of Wood for Your Home

Some flooring designs and materials go in and out of style, but hardwood timber flooring seems immune to the whims of fashion across Queensland and NSW.

At Narangba Timbers, we’ve been providing flooring timber to homeowners in Brisbane & South-East Queensland for three generations. In that time, we’ve amassed a lot of expertise about the different timber flooring types.

The type of flooring that you select for your home is important for its appearance, functionality and maintenance requirements. Whether you’re building or looking to renovate, finding the best flooring can be confusing.

What makes timber flooring right for you

Timber has been used for flooring for centuries and remains just as popular today as it was at any time in history. Find out why!

Easy installation

Timber flooring makes a great project for those without a lot of experience. The tongue and groove design of flooring timber makes it easier to install than other types of flooring. Once you have a little bit of experience with it, you can install a beautiful timber floor easier than you may think.

Easy to clean, maintain and repair

Once they’ve been sealed and finished, hardwood timber floors are easy to maintain – especially high traffic areas, such as hallways and living areas. All you need to do regularly is:

Timber flooring is smooth and non-porous. Unlike other surfaces like carpet, timber flooring doesn’t harbour dirt, dust and pet hair, which can be difficult to remove and sanitise. You also won’t have to worry about fungi or parasites, like dust mites, which feel quite at home in carpet.

If you do damage a hardwood timber floor, you can easily repair it with sandpaper and some finish (or simply replace the damaged boards). With laminate sheet or carpet, on the other hand, you’ll likely need to remove and replace the entire floor.

Beautiful aesthetics

There is nothing quite like the natural warmth of dark timber flooring or the classical beauty of light timber flooring – especially if the natural colours and grains are allowed to shine through.

Tiles can make a home feel cold and carpet dates fast. For timeless beauty, choose timber flooring – available in a variety of species, colours, finishes and stains that will suit your home.

Durable and sturdy

Timber flooring can easily stand up to heavy foot traffic, active workspaces and energetic children. Laminate can crack under heavy weight or from dropped items and carpet tends to look worn after just a few years.

In contrast, high-quality timber flooring can last as long as your home does – and often look even better with age. If you take care of it, you’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life. Even if your timber floors do get scratched, you can easily sand them down and refinish them to look new again.

Increases home value

When you’re trying to sell your home in a competitive market, like Australia, you need every advantage to maximise revenue. A well-installed and well-maintained hardwood floor increases your home’s desirability – with a unique aesthetic that makes a space feel more high-end or luxurious.


Timber is the safest material you can use for flooring in your home. Carpets are safe havens for dust, mites, mould and even pet odours. If you have health problems or allergies, removing carpet and installing a timber floor may help.

Even tile can be difficult to keep clean, thanks to dirt getting trapped in the grout. The ability to thoroughly clean and sanitise timber floors can dramatically improve air quality.

Environmentally friendly

As a sustainable resource that stores carbon, timber actually has a negative carbon footprint. At Narangba Timbers, we only use timber that is ethically and responsibly sourced – harvested and grown to forestry guidelines.

That means harvesting only mature trees and replacing them with new trees, to start turning environmental carbon into timber all over again.

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