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We offer T&G timber flooring in pine and in many varieties of hardwood. Homeowners in the Brisbane area all seem to have their preferences, but in this case, there isn’t much of a pattern, except for price point. While pine is officially classified as a “softwood,” it isn’t really that much softer than hardwood. It is also strong enough and durable enough to pass the test of time, even on floors that receive heavy traffic. So, how do you choose between hardwood and pine?

Timber Flooring: Hardwood or Pine?

Timber Flooring: The Case for Pine

Pine is ubiquitous in Australia. It is also readily available, easy to harvest and easy to process. These factors combine to make pine sell for less than most hardwoods. For T&G flooring, pine costs from 40-60% of the price for various hardwoods. This represents a considerable savings and is enough to sway homeowners who are on a budget.

Pine is a beautiful honey and cream colour with dark grain patterns that provide a unique aesthetic. It can be used for flooring with a clear finish or with a light stain. Either way, it looks great. Pine isn’t soft enough to be weak, but it is soft enough to make it easier to work with. It cuts and nails easily, making the work of laying a floor go a lot faster. Some people choose pine for this reason alone.

Timber Flooring: the Case for Hardwood

There are a lot of different varieties and colours of hardwood. You can choose from blonde to light brown to a darker brown with reds, oranges and other hues mixed in. Hardwoods also have varied grain patterns, allowing for more options for those interested in aesthetics.

Hardwood floors are a bit stronger, have a bit less “give” and may last longer under heavy use and “accidents” than pine. They have a more solid “feel” underfoot than pine.

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