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As the foremost timber flooring supplier in Brisbane, we find it helpful from time to time to provide information such as this checklist. This won’t be a conventional checklist because there aren’t a lot of items, but we do want to let you know what we carry and what you will need.

Timber Flooring in Brisbane Checklist


Particleboard is used for your substrate floor, which is the layer you are going to build your floor on top of. It consists of timber particles that are sealed and bonded with pressure, moisture resistant resin and wax.

Tongue and Groove (T&G) Flooring: Hardwood and Pine

Some people use T&G pine for timber flooring because it is easy to work with. However, a majority of our Brisbane area customers use one of our many hardwood varieties. Hardwood has a great “look” and feel. We have favourites such as Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Ironbark and a host of other hardwoods.


Other than nails, there isn’t a lot of hardware. But you will have to sand your floor and then finish it with one of the many options available. You will also need extra nails to reattach the moulding that you have to remove to install the floor properly.

Call Narangba Timbers for All of Your Timber Flooring Needs

While the materials are simple, the process isn’t always that simple. At Narangba Timbers, we have a customer service crew that will make sure you get exactly the materials you need, from the beginning to the end, to make sure your timber floor is one you can be proud of and enjoy for years.

We are a family-owned, third generation business. We don’t just “do this for a living”; we live and breathe the timber business. From the second you call us or walk into our showroom, you will experience a level of customer service that is more and more difficult to find in this era. We take the time to talk to both amateurs and professionals about projects and have amassed a great knowledge base in the course of our labours.

To learn more, call us today: (07) 3888 1293.