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Timber Fencing vs Metal Fencing: What You Need to Know

Timber fencing or metal fencing: which is the best for your home? Let’s take a look at a few factors and see how they compare.


Timber fencing is far less expensive than metal fencing, especially if you can build your own fence like so many Brisbane homeowners have chosen to do. As we will see further down the page, maintenance and repair are a lot more cost-effective with timber fencing, too.

Maintenance and Repair

Timber fences are much easier to maintain and repair than metal fences are. Basically, all you have to do is choose the right treated timber and keep it painted, stained or oiled according to the paint, stain or oil manufacturer’s specifications.

But repairs are where the real benefit kicks in. If you have a metal fence and something is damaged, you have to replace a large portion of the fence. Meanwhile, if a board is damaged on a timber fence, you simply replace that one board. There is really no comparison here.


Timber fences provide the option of providing total privacy. Metal fences usually consist of posts and rails, but no palings. The closest they get to solid is a chain link fence. Meanwhile, timber palings can turn a fence into a “wall” that provides full visual privacy and helps soundproof your yard.


Aesthetics is where timber fencing really shines over metal fencing. There is nothing about metal fencing that can come close to the natural and pleasing aesthetic of a well-built and well-maintained timber fence, especially one with a natural finish allowing the grain to show through.


While metal fencing leaves a huge carbon footprint due to the manufacturing process, timber fencing actually stores carbon, producing a negative carbon footprint. Responsibly harvested trees are replanted, creating a new tree that “inhales” CO2, stores the carbon as fibres and “exhales” the oxygen back into the environment.

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