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Timber Fencing Rules OK!

Making a decision on the type of material to use for home fencing can be time consuming when building or renovating your home.

While it is okay to sift through steel, aluminium, wrought iron, stones, vinyl and see which one fits into your budget, taste and preferences, there is no doubt that timber fencing remains the stylish solution for most properties.

Simple Installation and Repair

The work involved in timber fencing installation is way less compared to the use of other materials.

If, for any reason, your fence is damaged you will find it easier to fix since all you need to do is replace the piece(s) affected unlike in the use of Colorbond steel fencing where you might, for instance, be forced to replace an entire section.

The Visual Appeal

Timber has a very classic, attractive and refreshing look especially if you are renovating a more traditional home. Nothing says style and taste in your backyard like a classically painted, stained or weathered timber fence.

Timber fencing also awakens the nostalgia in us all as it takes one back to the art and uniqueness in traditional architecture and sophistication in its simplicity.

If you spend any time watching the latest home designer shows on TV then you will certainly notice the trend towards installing beautiful, natural timber fencing versus alternative less natural materials.

A Variety of Styles and Materials

There are numerous types of wood to choose from when looking for a design that suits your home.

You can opt for hardwood or softwood, treated or non-treated and various species of timber.

Of course, Colorbond fencing can come powder coated in a limited number of colours, however, the texture and design never differs.

And most hardwoods are also a good bet for fencing that looks for durability and strength.

There is more to learn on timber fencing and other uses like decking, flooring and framing. Please feel free to get in touch or visit us.