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Timber Fencing is Making a Comeback

Fencing your home is essential because it provides you both privacy and security.

Timber has long been the preferred material to use for fencing your home, however, as technology has improved other products have also proven to be a viable alternative.

There are multiple factors that you should consider when deciding on adding a new fence to your property or replacing an existing one.

You should consider purchase cost, installation cost, longer term maintenance cost, durability, and reliability and last, and seriously not least, the visual appeal of the material and the value it adds to your home.

Two primary types of fencing you may consider for your boundary are timber and Colorbond steel fencing.

Now Colorbond is a great product and it works well for a lot of people, however, we do believe here at Narangba Timbers that there are a few unique benefits in selecting timber fencing for your next project...

Timber Fencing Costs Less

When looking for a natural solution in fencing, timber is the best choice.

Timber fencing delivers value for money since it is simple, stronger, and cheaper to install and maintain as compared to alternative fencing materials. Some estimates suggest that alternative fencing materials can cost up to approximately 30% more when compared to timber fencing.

Timber Fencing Just Looks Better... Period!

Whether you use softwood or hardwood a timber fence simply looks better.

You can stain in a variety of colours to suit your property or your landscape design or paint the timber to match the colours of your home. Perfect for the modern rendered look!

The number of options far outweigh the 4 or 5 powder coated colours available off the shelf with alternative materials.

Timber Fences are Long Lasting

Timber has resistance to bad weather, insects and animal infestations and most of all, decay.

Colorbond steel fencing is also long-lasting, however, it can very easily be permanently damaged by dents.

Timber fencing can last many years when the timber is treated properly to discourage insects. We have all seen older properties with timber fences installed may decades ago...

Timber Fencing is Easier to Maintain

Accident in the garden with the kids and the footy? With a timber fence you will simply need to replace a fence post or two. A simple task that can quickly be accomplished by anyone with a hammer, saw and a few nails.

Try the same with a Colorbond fence. It is much more expensive and much more difficult to remove and replace a damaged panel.

Ten years down the track and your fence is looking a bit tired and faded. With a timber fence you simply need a few cans of stain or coloured paint and you have a new looking fence. With a Colorbond fence they tend to fade as the years go on and powder coating them again may not really be a cost effective option.

Timber fencing offers you durability, easy maintenance, and is cost-effective. When installed correctly keeping in mind the required specifications, detailed process, and regular maintenance, it proves to be the best backdrop and most beautiful property boundary for a very long time.

Here at Narangba Timbers, we supply Australian timber species that are durable, cost effective, and perfect for your fence. Contact us today if you have any questions on timber fencing.