We provide a lot of timber fencing materials to homeowners in the Brisbane area. From time to time, we like to provide a sort of informal checklist for anyone thinking of building a timber fence.

CCA Treatment

For a timber fence, you will use CCA treated timber. CCA stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate. That means it contains chromium, copper and arsenic. Due to the arsenic content, CCA has been deemed unsafe for use inside the home or even for timber decking. But it is fine for timber fencing because there is no risk of prolonged contact.

Timber Fencing in Brisbane Checklist

CCA treatment helps protect your timber fence against bacteria, fungus and insects such as termites and marine borers. It also provides some indirect resistance to water by helping your finish stick to the timber. This is especially important for the part of the fence that is going underground.


The palings are the main part of your fence: it would be like the floorboards if you set your fence on the ground. We offer CCA treated hardwood and CCA treated pine palings in various sizes.


Because posts are stuck into the ground, pine doesn’t really work well. All posts will be made of CCA treated hardwood. Timber in the ground tends to need replacement faster than the parts which will be above ground. That is why specially treated hardwood is used for posts.


The rails connect your palings together. They are available in CCA treated hardwood and CCA treated pine.


Your hardware will consist of coil nails. For fences with a gate, we also offer galvanised steel gate frames.

We also offer cement in which to anchor your posts.

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